Friday, 28 August 2015

Dave's Bistro Bar Grill @ 1Utama, PJ.

Dinner at Dave's Bistro Bar Grill at 1 Utama, PJ last 2 Saturdays ago was a good one.

DH (Dearest Hubby) and I have ate here before but didn't remember it being so good. I think they've renovated and repositioned themselves since the last time we've been there. After a bit of googling, I was right - at least about their outlook. Previously, 'Dave's' was in pink colour and the exterior was cladded with light brown timber-like finishing. Now, the font has been changed to black and the overall exterior and interior are in dark colours - giving it a very posh feel to it.

I've always thought that Dave's Bistro Bar Grill is a sister company to Dave's Deli, just that the former is for a different target market. Apparently it's not!

Dave's is non-halal and claims to be a French Restaurant but serves a variety of Western & Italian food too - Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, many meat dishes including lamb shank and mini piglet and more.

We reached around 5.30pm (we usually eat our dinner early on weekends) and only about 2 tables were occupied. We love the feeling of eating out early as we do not have to wait so long for the food to arrive. Plus, we are both almost always hungry!

We ordered the Dave's Signature Nachos for RM 29.90 for starters and I forgot to take a pic of it before we hungrily stuffed the yummy nachos into our mouths! The Signature Nachos consists of Corn tortilla chips topped with ham, cheese gratin, mushrooms & garnished with avocado dip, tomato salsa & sour cream (extracted off their menu on FB). Portion was quite big, amounting to about 8 pieces of very cheesy nachos.

DH ordered the Crispy Pork Knuckle for RM 66.

We didn't expect for it to be a big portion but boy, it was! And the name says it all - it's really crispy!
It's served on a sizzling hot plate and comes with mixed vegetables and potato wedges.

The skin is really crispy, but the meat is tender.
This is a close-up pic of the underside of the skin. Love the fats melting in my mouth! :P
My main course was Braised Grass Fed Beef Short Ribs - RM 59.50
The Short Ribs was slow-cooked in spicy tangy Mexican sauce and was served with vegetables and mashed potatoes. The short ribs was really tender and flavourful and not spicy at all. The mashed potatoes didn't look very appealing but tasted good upon trying it out.
We would have loved to try out some desserts as well but we were too full after the meaty dishes.
Overall, it was a satisfying dinner!
The only thing I didn't like was that they charge for water.
Please check out their full Menu here.

Food Ratings: 8.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Efficiency in Service: 8/10 ('cos we were early)

Location: Lot G209, The Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya.
Tel. No: 03-7725 4017
Operating Hours: 12 noon - 11.00 p.m



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